“Team Support Single“

Sponsors can support single teams in building their plant (1,000 € support) plus travel expenses (2,000 € in average per team). The package “Team Support Single” includes mentoring of the supported team before the competition’s final. This is the perfect opportunity to have an excellent contact to engaged students. The sponsor’s logo is presented on the plant of the supported team.


Sponsors ordering the package “Booth” can present their products and their business at the TUM DeSal Exhibition and are allowed to give contact details and product offers to the participating DeSal Challenge teams.


A sponsor taking the “Conference” package saves exclusive rights for a speaking opportunity at the conference opening address, is introduced in the conference proceedings with one full page and has also the chance to forward job and internship offers as well as information material to the participating students. A podcast on the TUM DeSal Challenge website is also included. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.

“Prize for Innovation “ and “Prize for Market Relevance”

The sponsoring packages “Prize for Innovation” and “Prize for Market Relevance” save the exclusive right to hand over the awards for innovation and market relevance, respec- tively. An exclusive mentoring for the winner of those prizes can strengthen collaboration and exchange of ideas between sponsor and award winner. A booth at the DeSal Exhibition as well as the possibility to forward information and job offers to participating teams is included. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.

“Public Relations”

The sponsor supporting the TUM DeSal Challenge and Conference mainly in “Public Relation” is named first in press reports and other publicity. The sponsor can hand out exclusively the Best Paper Award at the TUM DeSal Conference. Podcasts on the website as well as a brief abstract in the conference proceedings are included as well. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.

“Team Support Building”

The TUM DeSal Challenge teams get 1,000 € each for realizing their desalination plants. The sponsor exclusively supporting all teams in building their plants by the package “Team Support Building” has the opportunity to speak at the final event’s opening and closing ceremony. A special advantage is the right to present the sponsor’s logo on all desalination plants of the participating teams. An intensive partnership during the plant building period before the final event can provide valuable contacts to student teams who are always searching for measurement and plant equipment as well as professional advice. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.


The sponsor investing in a professional organized event, both TUM DeSal Challenge and Conference, by financing expenses staff saves the exclusive right to hand out the prizes for the winners ranked first, second and third. As the awarding of the prizes is one of the main interests of press, this is a very good opportunity to gain high publicity. Instead of money, support by manpower is valuable as well here. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.

“Team Support International”

The package “Team Support International” is very interesting for sponsors who want to have a close contact to teams, especially from abroad, as well as high publicity by handing out an own prize named by the sponsor. Speaking opportunities at the final event are guaranteed as well. The sponsor is mainly responsible for a high geographical diversity of the participating teams as he is funding the travel expenses for student team members and their desalination plants. His logo is presented on all desalination plants. Further benefits are listed in the sponsoring table.

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There are many different ways to benefit of the TUM DeSal Challenge and Conference. The “sponsorship table” provides a brief overview of the various options.


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