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TUM Bottle Challenge

How the TUM Bottle Challenge worked:

The aim is to draw attention to water scarcity! The motto of the TUM DeSal Challenge is “Providing Water for the World!”. The goal is that the bottle “travels around the world” and spreads the symbolic water drops. 12 bottles filled with balloons were sent to nominated student teams, starting in Munich, Germany. You could bring the bottle around the world on your own, or hand it over to family and friends, or it was given to foreigners – the teams have been creative!

• Inflate a balloon
• Take a picture of yourself, the bottle, the balloon, and a typical landmark (sites, signs, etc.; something showing where you are)
• Follow the QR-Code below, and post it on the DesalChallenge Facebook-page
• The caption must consist of
– the name of the team (see bottle inscription)
– the location of the picture

The bottle’s last station has to be the finals of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016 on 17th/18th of June 2016 in Garching, Germany – take care of it! The best picture as well as the team whose bottle travelled the longest distance around the world will be awarded!