Team WUT Solar Tower

Presentation of the participants of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016

WUT Solar Tower
Team leader:
Desalination technology: Multi effect distillation powered by solar thermal energy
WUT Solar Tower is a group of students and young engineers united by their passion for unconventional energy sources. We decided to take part in the TUM DeSal Challenge to prove ourselves in the pursuit for an effective and environmentally sound way to produce clean water.

We are well aware of the financial and logistical problems in most developing countries with water scarcity, therefore we come up with a desalination plant, that can be built almost entirely from locally made, or recycled materials. We want to prove, that a high-capacity desalination plant can be built by a local population with limited resources, and operated safely by virtually everyone.

We combine the advantages of a very big parabolic mirror and a unique, highly efficient heat recycle system to make a desalination plant, that is supreme in efficiency, affordability, resilience and versatility.
Institution: Warsaw University of Technology
Ranking at the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016: 9