Team Still Waiting

Presentation of the participants of the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016

Still Waiting
Team leader:
Desalination technology: Solar still with external condenser
The basic principle of a Solar Still will be revised by adding an external condenser. However this desalination technology is still able to run just by solar power.

The huge benefit of the system is its simplicity, hence there‘s no great knowledge needed to handle it. Especially the property to produce potable water after a short initial period is another plus. Therefore, a felt textile is installed, which is moistened with the feed.  

The separation of evaporation and condensation results in the possibility to use heat recuperation which increases the performance. With access to brackish water, cleaning the plant to guarantee the long term use won‘t be a problem.

Due to its robustness and convenience, the plant is tailored for the application in areas where potable water is a scarce resource and on account of this urgently needed: in regions with high solar irradiation and economic as well as social backwardness.
Institution: Technische Universität München
Ranking at the TUM DeSal Challenge 2016: 5